Art Fundraising 101

How do our art fundraising programs work? How much work is involved for you? What are the art specifications? How do I order my child’s artwork on products? Find out here!


Preview Program

Family and friends will cherish items adorned with original artwork. Visit the Gallery where you'll find the perfect item to showcase your artist's masterpiece!


Tile Wall Program

Add beauty to your walls and boost school pride with these permenant ceramic tiles adorned with student’s artwork. This fundraiser can be run alone or in combination with our other programs.


Art By Me, Inc. offers unique art programs that transform a student's artwork into beautiful, professionally made products!

Creating art is fun for students. Art By Me generates additional enthusiasm and excitement among students as they see customized products made from their own artwork. Students develop positive attitudes and their self-esteem is boosted at seeing parents and family members buying t-shirts, calendars, note cards, etc. that display their masterpieces. Parents and families appreciate the affordability, variety and quality of our products.

The Art By Me program enables schools to offer the program in a no-hassle profitable way. At the same time, our program spotlights your school's visual art department by centering around products that the school's own students have created!

Start a Fundraiser

It’s easy and rewarding for the school, students and family/friends.